Kosai Nagaran Archeological Apparatus

(24/7 hours Music Instruments Exhibition)

  • This traditional centre was created to preserve our Heritage and to categorize and visualizes the information pertaining to the musical instruments which was used by our ancestors before 3000 years ago as symbol of our tamilians tradition.

  • In Tamil Nadu, if any musical instrument was under repair or if the condition of any other musical instrument was not good, this centre will do the repair work and also they will make sure that the instrument plays well. This centre will also reclaim any musical instruments from the houses of tamilians or from any places or from temples, incase if they are not in use. They will also create awareness about the usage of those musical instruments. These instruments in this centre will be taken to any parts of the country in India (from Himalaya to Kanyakumari) or all the countries in order to organize exhibitions to create awareness in colleges and schools.
Kosai Nagaraan Thollisai Karuviyagam

Ikkaruviyagathin Seyalpadugal

In Tamil Nadu the traditional heritage musical instrument’s awareness has to be given among the younger generation. Traditional instruments has to be identified with research and its creditials has to be recorded. These musical instruments has to be used to conduct exhibitions in any parts of world. So that NRI will get awareness about these musical instruments. If any muscians gives any type of muscial instrument for repair work that will be done and also the instrument will get ready to play the music. The repair work for the instruments like drum( animal skin) will be carry out inspite of its size.

All the musical instruments reclaimed and will be created as a new musical instruments that will be made available as our traditional musical instruments in tamil nadu for all the festivals of temples, music shows, traditional shows and tamil workship rituals.

All these instruments were used in the tamilians life’s ritual like name ceremony for baby, food feeding, tornshow with ear piecing function, puberty function, swearing ceremony, literacy, marriage commitment, tradition way of tamilians wedding, baby shower function, house warming function,anniversay function, platinum celebration, dimond jubilee celebration, 80th celebration function, Death ceremony, shop opening ceremony, consecration ceremony and annual anointing will be organized with tamil tradition by saying veda, this will enable to spread tamil culture in all the houses of tamil nadu and also tamilians strength will exhibited.